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How do I get prepared for a tattooing session?
One should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs for at least 24 hours before getting a tattoo. Please come well rested and on a full stomach. You could even carry some juice or energy drink with you.
How do I choose a design?
The more research and homework you have done, the easier it is for us to guide you in the right direction. We do tattoo counselling wherein we try to understand the person and his/ her personality a little bit so that we can suggest what will look best on him/her and be comfortable to carry. We believe in custom work and can sketch a tattoo for you based on your concept.
What size it should be?
Remember, a tattoo changes through time. Fifteen years from today your tattoo will look different as your skin goes through the regular aging process! If your tattoo is small with intricate details and lines too close to each other, in fifteen years it may turn into a big blur that you won’t be able to recognize. We will help you decide on an appropriate size.
Will the colour come on my body?
Black ink comes on every skin type most easily. The brightness of the other colours will depend on the complexion and texture of your skin.
Does it hurt?
Getting a tattoo can hurt, but the level of pain can vary. Some people describe the tattoo sensation as “tingling”. Itkfkfk all depends on your pain threshold, how efficient the person using the tattoo machine is, and where exactly on your body you’re getting the tattoo. Professionals know how deep to pierce the skin to create a permanent line.
Which part hurts the most?
Parts of the body which are bony (elbow, collar, knee, chin, wrist, ankle, spine, ribs, etc.) hurt more.
How long does it take to heal?
An average-sized tattoo (4 to 5 inches) takes 2 to 3 weeks to heal. This again depends on how well the aftercare instructions are followed and your body’s metabolic rate.
Is there an age limit?
The minimum age to get a tattoo is 18 years. If you are younger than 18 years, you need to obtain approval from your parents or legal guardian. ID Proof is mandatory.
Is it hygienic and safe?
Given the current ‘hygiene’ situation, we at BODY CANVAS take proper care to see that your tattoo is done in an immaculate, clean and healthy manner.
It is mandatory for any artist of Body Canvas to wear a fresh pair of latex gloves before making a new tattoo. The equipment and materials used at Body Canvas are either disposable or sterilized.
Do you give a free touch up?
YES! We give a free touch up within six months of the tattoo.
Could you mail me the designs?
Yes, once you have visited our studio and confirmed your appointment, we can mail you the designs.
How long does it take for the tattoo to get done?
It depends on the size, the intricacy of the design, the colours and the like. Big tattoos are done in sittings.
Do you do cover up jobs?
Yes, we do cover up jobs. For this, you will be required to take an appointment and visit our studio. This way we can personally see the design and will be able to suggest something better.
Do I have to take an appointment?
Yes, please take an appointment before coming. A tattoo is a personal job, and our artists need to share enough time with you!
How much will it cost?
The price depends on many factors such as size, shape, intricacy, design, colour, etc.
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